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Perfect Santa Photos

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Perfect Santa Photos

How to get the perfect Santa photo!

We’re experts at making you and your family look great. But sometimes children are scared of Santa and the session doesn’t go as planned. But never fear. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you get the best photo. A little preparation goes a long way.

Before your Santa Photo Experience

Book Early!

Book in advance using our online booking system. Censar is very popular and sometimes it takes awhile to get to say hello. When your little one is tired, they might not be in the best mood to see Santa. Try to avoid visiting at the usual naptime.

Your phone call from Santa

Make sure everyone's ready with a magical phone call from Santa! As soon as you've booked your Photo experience, you can arrange for Censar to call at a time that suits your family.

Say hello to Santa

Once Santa arrives at your local shopping centre, consider popping in and walking past just to wave hello. This will help prepare your child for a smooth photo session.

On the Day

Try different poses

Pick-a-boo! Have Santa hide behind the throne and sit on or beside his chair.

Get the family involved!

Consider making it a family photo. Kids love to have mum and dad with them for their Santa visit and after all, how many opportunities do you have to take a photo with everyone in it?

Embrace imperfection

The most important of all tips is to manage your expectations. The annual Santa photo tradition is all about capturing your children as they are at that moment. When you eventually line your photos up in the years to come, the imperfect ones are those that will make you laugh the most.

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