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Discover the Magic: 5 Reasons Why Being a Santa Character is the Best Job in the World

Santa Character creating joy and happiness

When it comes to dream jobs, being a Santa character (to assist the real Santa) could be at the very top of the list. Find out why donning that iconic red suit and being a Santa character at a local Scene to Believe Santa photo set can bring unparalleled joy and fulfilment.

Spread Happiness and Joy

Being a Santa character at a Scene to Believe photo set allows you to be a beacon of happiness and joy for your local community. You have the extraordinary power to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.

Your presence instantly brightens the atmosphere and creates magical moments that will be cherished forever. Being a Santa character is not just about being the focus of family Christmas photos; it’s about creating lifelong memories, kindling the spirit of giving, and spreading the magic of the holiday season.

Auslan Santa Character using sign language to communicate with child

Make Dreams Come True

As a Santa character you have the extraordinary ability to bring dreams to life and ignite the magic of the holiday season. The mere sight of a Santa character evokes a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Beyond the children, being a Santa character has a profound impact on adults as well. For many, the enchantment of the holiday season is intertwined with cherished memories from their own childhood.

The chance to create unforgettable memories for children and their families is a privilege that sets being a Santa character apart as one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable.

Santa Character getting photo taken with baby

Be a Symbol of Hope

Being a Santa character means you can help the real Santa spread his message of hope. You represent the magic of the holiday season and the belief in something greater.

Children and adults alike look up to Santa with anticipation and hope, believing that dreams can come true.

Being a Santa character is a privilege that allows you to create memories that will last a lifetime. You become part of a tradition that spans generations, bridging the gap between the young and the old.

Your presence brings families together, fostering a sense of unity and joy. Each smile, each laugh, and each heartfelt hug carries the power to ignite dreams, leaving a lasting imprint on the souls of those you encounter. Being the embodiment of hope is a privilege that few jobs can offer.

Santa Character Community Members

Be part of a merry community

Stepping into the red suit means you’ll be welcomed into a vibrant and welcoming community of Santa characters who share a common goal: spreading happiness and cheer. Scene to Believe’s community of Santa characters embody the essence of Santa Claus, carrying the warmth and kindness that the real Santa represents.

The camaraderie and support found within Scene to Believe’s Santa community is truly heartwarming and no more evident than at Jingle and Mingle, the community’s annual Christmas in July celebrations.

Santa Character working at a Scene to Believe photo set

Earn cash at the same time

Working as a Santa character can also be financially rewarding. Being a Santa character at a Scene to Believe Santa photo set allows you to embrace the spirit of giving and create lasting memories, all while earning a bit of extra money to make your own holiday season a little brighter.

So, whether you’re a retiree looking to earn some extra money, or simply someone who loves the magic of Christmas, donning the red suit and bringing smiles to the faces of children can be both a fulfilling and lucrative endeavor.

Santa's having fun at Jingle & Mingle 2022

Find out more about being a Santa character

If you are thinking about becoming a Santa character, joining your local Santa community members at Jingle and Mingle 2023 is the perfect way to  to find out more. 

Jingle and Mingle is the annual celebration of Scene to Believe’s Santa community. Each year, across Australia and New Zealand, members of Scene to Believe’s Santa community come together to celebrate Christmas in July. 

At Jingle & Mingle, our Santa’s share stories, exchange tips, and inspire each other to continually improve their portrayal of Santa Claus. It’s the perfect way to find out more about being a Santa character!


Find out more about our annual Santa Community celebration.


Find out how more about being a Santa character and how to apply.

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