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JINGLE & MINGLE 2023 – Annual Santa Character Celebration

Throughout Christmas in July, Jingle & Mingle 2023 events united more than 220 members from Scene to Believe’s Santa Character community.

 This year, Jingle & Mingle 2023, the annual celebration of Scene to Believe’s Santa Character community included both Australian and New Zealand Santa Characters, with festive gatherings in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland.

The events were filled with camaraderie and the true spirit of the Santa community. Santa’s had a jolly time connecting with their fellow Santa characters, embracing new members, and celebrating the longstanding ones. However, Jingle & Mingle 2023 wasn’t just about the merry festivities; each event provided a valuable learning and growth experience for our Santa’s.

A Message of Body Positivity

Scene to Believe is a proud partner of Butterfly Foundation, the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues.

At each Jingle & Mingle event, Butterfly representatives shared valuable insights and highlighted the important role that our Santa Characters  can play in inspiring a positive self-image during their interactions with children and their families.

By embracing an understanding of eating disorders and championing the cause of body positivity, our Santa Characters have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of countless children and their families across Australia and New Zealand.

Caring For Our Furry Friends

Santa photos aren’t just for humans. Our furry friends also having a special place with Scene to Believe’s Paws with Claus pet photography sessions.

At each Jingle & Mingle event, Santa’s learnt tips and tricks from various animal welfare organisations on how to enhance the quality of interactions between Santa and pets during pet photography sessions.

Maintaining Santa's Wellness

Ensuring the well-being of our beloved Santa Characters is always a top priority. At each event, Santa’s heard from  local chiropractors who generously provided valuable insights and tips such as how to maintain good posture during their Santa photo shifts and practicing regular stretches. 

Each year, our Santa’s create so much magic and joy for so many people. It is their dedication, warmth, and belief in the spirit of Christmas that makes JIngle & Mingle truly magical.

Thank You

Scene to Believe would like to thank all the guest presenters who shared their knowledge and expertise at Jingle & Mingle 2023 events:

Rebecca Havas, Kate Mulray, Erika Morgan and Sophie Grace from Butterfly Foundation
Dr Karen Kulevski-Gibb, Mirrabooka Chiropractic
Jim Johnson, Johnson Chiropractic
Michelle Huang, Blackwood Vets
Eileen Schofield, Friends of the Hound
Dr. Clare Noble, Posture And Performance Chiropractic
Dr. David Jones, Better Backs Melbourne 
Tony Goodfellow, Second Chance Animal Rescue
Nicola Clark, Animal Welfare League NSW
Dr Angus Phelps, Clinic 27

Jingle & Mingle is made possible by the dedication, commitment and spirit of Viviana Diaz, Scene to Believe’s truly magical Santa Manager. A massive thanks to Viviana for all her efforts in creating and planning such amazing events.

But above all, a massive thanks to all our beloved Santa Characters across Australia and New Zealand.The magic of Jingle & Mingle 2023 would not have been possible without you. 

See You Next Year!

Following the resounding triumph of the past two years, the Jingle & Mingle is now firmly established itself as a cherished annual tradition. See you next year at Jingle & Mingle 2024!

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