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Green Screen Photo Booth

An immersive activation experience!

From background design to social media integration, our team of experts can work with you to help create the perfect green screen activation for your event. For over 25 years, Scene to Believe has been a leader in event photo experiences creating magical photo activations for some of the world’s leading brands. We create and capture magical moments at all sorts of milestone events including Graduations and Christmas events.
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A green screen photo booth can transport your guests to any scene imaginable. Like the cover of a magazine or to the midst of a wild stampede in Africa. That’s because our technology allows us to remove the green background and place you on one of our custom backgrounds. Your guests will have endless fun trying to outdo each other in their photo. This means they can be the perfect way to build a deeper connection with your audience at your next event.

Green screen photo booth are totally immersive

Our photo booths aren’t just fun, they’re a totally immersive experience. They allow your guests to create fun, unique photo content that’s perfect for sharing on social media. You’ll be amazed how much your guests will have creating their perfect pose!

Create an engaging experience

All Scene to Believe’s services are customised to create positive engagement with your brand. Therefore, all aspects of our booths can be custom designed to tie in perfectly with your event by including your logo and branding. This means the photos your guests create and share will all have your own custom design.

Easy social media sharing

All our our photo solutions allow people to share images effortlessly on social media. We also know guests simply love sharing their photo master pieces. This connection will help achieve your event marketing strategy, plus we’ll go one step further with detailed analytics of the social media impact. 

Achieve your objectives

Green screen photo booth activations can achieve a range of experiential marketing objectives. Not only can they create a fun and engaging experience. They can also increase dwell time, build a deeper connection with your brand, enhance your online reach, plus generate leads!  

Green screen photo booth in action
Green screen photo booth sample

Instant printing and online photo access

Instant printing and online photo access can further extend the reach of your event. Our instant printing is incedibly popular and allows guests to take home a branded keepsake from your event. We also create an online gallery so guests can access digital photos after the event.

Green screen photo booths are proven

Green Screen photo booth activations have been proven to achieve results. Despite the emergence of newer technologies, green screen photo booths are still one of the most effective experiential event marketing strategies.

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