Christmas Photo Event


Create unforgettable memories and capture the joy and warmth of the festive season with a perfectly customised Christmas photo event experience from Scene to Believe.

From retail environments, to corporate and brand events, we can help create a Christmas photo event custom-designed to ensure you achieve your unique marketing objectives. 

Discover how we can tailor a photo activation to match your vision and goals, ensuring your event shines with the spirit of Christmas.

Customised Photo Event Experiences

By tailoring your event to a specific theme, brand, or occasion, we can help craft an experience where attendees engage authentically and create lasting memories. 

Entrust us with your vision, and watch as us transform it into a tangible, captivating reality, harnessing the power of imagery to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

The Benefits of a Customised Photo Event

Creating a customised photo activation event offers a unique and immersive experience that resonates deeply with participants.

No matter your objective, we can help curate a photo activation experience that transcends  all expectations.

Generate Social Media Buzz & Brand Exposure

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Create a
Magical Experience

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Drive Foot Traffic & Extend Dwell Time

Enhance Community Engagement

Our Santa Experiences

For an unforgettable Christmas event experience, there’s nothing quite like the magic of Santa Claus.

At Scene to Believe, we specialise in crafting extraordinary Santa photo experiences that capture the essence of Christmas. Our team of experts can bring to life the most authentic and endearing Santa photo event, ensuring a truly magical experience.

When it comes to preserving cherished holiday memories, a Scene to Believe Santa photo experience guarantees a touch of wonder and delight for all.

Traditional Santa Photos

Create magical memories and capture the joy of Christmas.

Paws with Claus

Bring joy to pet owners and furry friends by capturing heartwarming moments.

Sensitive Santa

Provide a sensory-friendly environment for children with special needs.

Roaming Santa

Capture the joy of the season with a festive roaming Santa photo experience.

Mrs Claus

Add a touch of diversity, and inclusivity to the holiday season with a Mrs Claus photo experience.

Green Screen Santa

Immerse your guests in a festive wonderland with a green screen Christmas photo experience.

Our Corporate & Brand Experiences

A photo activation offers a dynamic and captivating dimension to your Christmas party or brand activation. By integrating interactive photo opportunities, participants are drawn into an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional festivities.

Whether it’s festive-themed photo booths, augmented reality filters, or personalized backdrops, a photo activation adds a touch of excitement that resonates with guests and leaves a lasting impression, making your occasion truly unforgettable.

Mosaic Photo Booth

Create an engaging and immersive experience at your Christmas party or brand event. Ideal for visually representing a community

Roaming Photopraphy

We’re ready to grab our camera and shoot beautiful, high quality photos at your event. A perfect integration for Mosaic event.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Transport your guests to any scene imaginable with a fun and engaging green screen photo booth.

Some of our Believers

Why Choose Scene to Believe?

With a rich history spanning more than 25 years, Scene to Believe has perfected the art of crafting enchanting photo activation events. 

By leveraging our extensive experience, we can assist you in crafting a photo activation that seamlessly aligns with your unique event goals.

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