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Bringing Santa to Life: What It Takes to Work as a Santa Character

Santa Character

Are you considering working as a Santa character this Christmas season? Find out what it takes to be a Santa Character at your local Scene to Believe photo set.

The holiday season brings joy, excitement, and a sense of wonder, and nothing captures the magic quite like Santa Claus himself. In shopping and at Christmas events right across Australia, Scene to Believe has become synonymous with creating enchanting experiences for children and families by bringing Santa Claus to life.

Let’s delve into qualities, skills, and dedication required to be a Santa character and help create magical, unforgettable memories for all. 

A Genuine Love of Christmas

To be a Santa character at Scene to Believe, you’ll need a genuine love for the holiday season and the joy it brings to people of all ages. 

This means embracing the spirit of giving, embodying kindness, and maintaining a positive demeanor throughout the long hours of spreading holiday cheer.

A Jolly Nature

Santa Claus is recognised by his iconic features: a full white beard, rosy cheeks, and a round belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. But you don’t need to possess any of these features  to be a Scene to Believe Santa character.

All you need to be a Santa character is the ability to capture the essence of Santa’s warm and friendly nature, regardless of your natural physical attributes. 

Santa talking to child

Patience and Compassion

Interacting with children can be both rewarding and challenging. Working as a Santa character requires patience and the ability to connect with children of all ages, making each child feel special and important during their visit.

Compassion and empathy play a crucial role in understanding the individual needs and emotions of every child who visits Santa.

Santa talking to child

Exceptional Communication Skills

Santa is known for his ability to listen attentively to children’s wishes and engage them in meaningful conversations. A skilled Santa character at Scene to Believe must possess excellent communication skills, ensuring children feel heard and valued.

Clear and gentle speech, appropriate vocabulary, and the ability to adapt to different age groups are vital for creating an immersive Santa experience.

Santa Character

A Current Working with Children/Police Check

A working with children check is an  essential requirement for all Santa characters at Scene to Believe, This requirement providing peace of mind to parents and guardians, guaranteeing a safe and secure environment for all participants at our Santa sets.

To work as a Santa character you must either already possess a working with children check, or be willing to apply for one. 

Santa Character
Santa Character Community Members

We Provide The Rest

We’ll provide everything else you need to look and act just like the real Santa. This includes fake beard and fake bellies, the highest quality Santa suits available, as well as training and mentoring from our welcoming community of Santa characters

Auslan Santa

Help us create magic!

Working as a Santa character at “Scene to Believe” is an incredible opportunity to spread holiday joy and create lasting memories for families and children. It requires more than just wearing the red suit; it demands embodying the spirit of Santa Claus with love, patience, exceptional communication skills, and a genuine commitment to making the holiday season special for all who visit.

Auslan Santa

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